The gelmi group

external stimulation platforms for personalised tissue engineering

The Gelmi Group was established at RMIT University, Melbourne Australia, in 2018. Our research focuses on using smart external physical cues to control adult stem cell fate. Combining temporal single cell analysis with custom fabricated high through-put cell culture systems, our multidisciplinary group spans the fields of materials, biology, and engineering. 


            Single cell              analysis

We use advanced Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) to measure physical and biochemical changes in individual living cells. Combined with custom smart biomaterial platforms, we can monitor changes in cells in real time with external stimuli.


smart external      stimuli 

Custom fabricated biomaterial platforms are developed in RMIT’s Micro Nano Research Facility (MNRF), for both live cell AFM and cell culture platforms.


personalised tissue engineering

Adult stem cells can differentiate to produce different cell phenotypes. Using external physical stimuli we can control stem cell fate to target different phenotypes, thus paving the way for personalised tissue engineering for individual patients.